As guides, we cater to a wide variety of skill sets all summer long. Everyone has to start a new sport or hobby at the beginning and we get that. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce new fishermen to the craft of Fly Fishing. We are accustomed to starting the day with a brief casting lesson for those new to fly fishing and taking off for a day of fishing. Along the way we will help with pointers and help you gain confidence with your casting. Just remember we are in a boat so the guide can take you to the fish making things a bit easier.

Introductory Individual Lessons

With a true belief that fly fishing is a wonderful outdoor experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, Clark Fork Trout offers classes or instruction for those new to the sport. Peggy enjoys classes aimed at women or groups. Steve goes for the on the river method! Two very different but equally successful ways to learn to fly fish.

Full Day Group Classes

Peggy offers 2-3 group classes each summer targeted to women, but the misters or family members are welcome! If you cannot make the set class date, please contact her for a private class for you or your group.

The classes include instruction to let you become a confident fly fisher, including equipment, knots, fly selection, reading the water and casting.