Clark Fork Report May 30 2024

We have had two weeks of great spring fishing since the last big slug of bad water. One of the best mayfly and caddis hatches I have seen in years almost each afternoon. No reason to start early just wait till ten or eleven to get on. We also have quite a number of skwalas still about and a big black flying ant on the shores. This weekend the river will also se another bump up but quickly dropping back. Have fun during most of June !

Clark Fork River May 12 2024

Wow … what a spring. Finally the major skwala and mayflies matched fishable waters . We had plenty of 30 fish days. For the lucky few there will be great conditions perhaps thru Monday. Then a big slug of melt will arrive and we will have to see if it clouds the waters. We were on the water nearly every day this spring.

Clark Fork Report May 3rd 2024

River viz is great for this time of year… Purple Haze most of the day will work. We try March Browns, Adams and Skwalas in tandem with the Haze but guess what. They are taking the Purple haze in a size 12 or 14. Have fun. Steve

Clark Fork River Report April 23 2024

River is in great shape now with a two foot visibility . We are back on top with Stones and BWOs in the afternoon. A good stretch of weather ahead of us now with a little rain Friday. Steve

Clark Fork River April 16th 2024

We experienced a huge hail and heavy rain Sunday evening. The river has jumped up and quite off color (brown) as a result. usually clears in three or so days so I will update as it happens. We should remain fishable for another five weeks or so after things clear.

Clark Fork Report April 2 2024

Two boats out yesterday in fine weather found the fish on Skwalas. The sun has to get on the river banks about 1pm then game on. Danner reports two of the biggest fish of the season so far . The big Bows like to put on a show by jumping which we only seem to see in spring before runoff. Still lots of time to get out before then. We do have a few days of rain but back to clearer weather for the weekend.

Clark Fork report March 22 2024

Fished Dry to Regis in fine weather with plenty of sun and 50 degree day. Fount plenty of Blue Wing Olives emerging under the foam lines. Be sure to pay attention to the eddy waters and fish the drys . A few stone flys but mostly on the sunny side in later afternoon. Spent most of our time nymphing a pats and a mix of bottom nymphs. Turned maybe a dozen.

Clark Fork River Report Dec 3 2023

Ramps are a covered with a bit of ice but wading is fine to mid day trout. The griffis nat is the call if you can fine rising fish. Search them out at the confluences of the creeks and even ramps at Cascade and Ferry Landing. Dress Warm !