St Regis River Report May 31 2023

We are floating the Regis in rafts and days are quite predictable. Water is very clear and there are NO trees blocking the river as of today May 31st. Be sure to take a look at two mile as there is a large tree leaning and ready to fall. But you have plenty to advance notice if that does happen and room to drag the raft around it. I am fishing large stone fly patterns and twitching them to attract the remaining browns. Water is very cold so wear waders.

Clark Fork River May 31 2023

The Clark Fork is steadily dropping and now below 20,000 CFS. I am seeing some green color in place of the dirty brown so we are headed in the right direction. We do have a lot of Caddis in the afternoon which will be the fly of choice once the fish can see the surface again. Till then it is attractors .

Clark Fork River Report May 3 2023

The Clark Fork River is at 23,500 and in full runoff. Quite dirty water, so hopefully we get it over and settle back to fishable conditions. This is very early for runoff and triggered by the unseasonable warm weather. When you look at the charts the high water is nearly two weeks ahead of Mother Natures history. Runoff is everywhere right now in the West even on the Missouri !

St Regis River Report April 29 2023

The St Regis River opens for general fishing season on May 20th this year. You can float it but not fish till third saturday in may. There have been plenty of fish caught out in the Clark Fork just down from the Regis so I expect it to fish quite well during the opening week.

ClarkFork River Report April 29 2023

The Clark Fork has jumped up to 10,000 CFS due to our 80 degree warm weather. While not really runoff quite yet I expect a real runoff to start by mid next week. Already seeing the green waters turn brown. The USGS has the river up to 20,000 by next weekend. There is still a foot or so vis so waters are still fishable for the time being. Had a boat out yesterday and they were totally nymphing Regis to Ferry. A few nice Cuts on stone fly nymphs.

Clark Fork River Report April 21st 2023

The river has dropped back to 5,500 cfs and flowing a nice green color once again. There is nearly a two foot vis down in St Regis and looking quite fishable. I will know more after a trip on Sunday but the swallows were taking bugs mid day. Rolling a few rocks and no golden stones yet but the bushes have Skwalas ,so that will be my afternoon plan. River temps have come up as well.

Clark Fork River April 12 2023

The Clark Fork River has jumped up to 7,000 CFS due to warm weather and recent rains. I am quite surprised by the muddy water since it was so clear just a few days ago. Will update soon as I expect it to settle back soon. It really is to early for runoff right now. We are seeing Skwalas in the afternoon sun.

Clark Fork River Report April 6 2023

The River is flowing at 2,600 CFS and very very clear. Between the low flow and clarity you are able to see structure that is not visable during the summer . It helps explain why the fish hold in some spots and not others. Quite a learning experience to just float and study the river bottom and structure. But,,,the fishing. The bigger trout are taking BWOs and Midges in the back eddys. A good call is to trail a griffis nat behind that skwala. Several small dark perdigons bounced off the bottom will get you a twenty fish day right now . We have four or five weeks before that snow pack decides to melt out as runoff.

Clark Fork River Report April 3 2023

The River is quite cool at 40 degrees but we are seeing a lot of Skwalas. We did have a train wreck down by quinns but not any damage to the river. Look to fish BWOs in the mid day in holding water.

Clark Fork River Report. March 30th 2023

The Clark Fork Slo Way to Regis fished best about 3pm on Nymphs. We did find a few fish on top Skwalas but most were coming off the bottom. Water temps at 40s are keeping most still holed up.